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Who doesn’t want their kids to win a cutest baby photo contest! All parents think their kid is the cutest and rightly so! And you, like thousands of other parents, think your baby is the cutest one. Baby photo contestsare a great tool for you to give your kids an easy and fun way to get into modeling industry, while giving yourself a chance to win some free prizes. 

Not surprisingly there are many many baby photo contests going on every year. There are many magazines and modeling related companies who use photo contests to find their next fresh face. The good thing is, some of these companies who hold baby photo contests, offer prizes on the top of giving your baby a chance to be discovered as the next cutest baby model. Yes, you can actually win money if your baby’s photo gets voted the cutest baby.

One of the most well-known and trusted sites that holds all kind of photo contests, including the cutestAmerican baby photo contest, is the GAPC. Every month, the Great American Photo Contest holds a free baby photo contest. They give away big prizes as well, including the grand prize of $2500, which goes to the baby’s parent who won the Photo Contest.

But, there is a small price to pay for entering to win the Great American Photo Contest and giving your baby, possibly the chance to be discovered as the next great face. Its nothing big. These sites obviously have to make money as well. They make their money, from their advertisers. When you submit your baby’s photo, you agree to accept third party offers from their sponsors. Personally I don’t really care about that, since it just takes a few seconds to delete those emails.

However, if you don’t like getting your inbox flooded with emails and offers from advertisers, you can get around it with a simple trick. When you are entering for the contest, don’t use your personal email address. Use an email address that you don’t care about getting it flooded with advertisement emails. If you don’t have one, you can register a free email in less than a few seconds with hotmail, gmail, yahoo or any other free email providers.

Using a secondary email or as some call it a through away email, you can enter your baby’s picture for the great American photo contest to win $2500 for free, without getting your personal email bombarded with emails from advertisers.

So, if you think your baby is the cutest baby, enter the great American photo contest for free for a chance to win $2500 and perhaps jump start your baby’s modeling career.

Cute-Baby-babies-8777313-500-500.jpg (500×500)

cute babies photos

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free  babies photos

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cute babies photos

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fine babies photos

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finest babies photos

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free babies photos

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top babies photos

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super babies photos

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amazing babies photos

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